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Bangalore based distributor and wholesaler of industrial electrical products that consist of Terminal Ends & Crimping Tools, Indicating Lamps & Limit Switches Cranes, Tubular Booted Lugs, Heat Shrinkable Sleeves and MPI PVC Channel.
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Teknic Indicating Lamps & Limit Switches Cranes

Teknic Indicating Lamps & Limit Switches Cranes
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We are well known for distributing and supplying Miniature Indicating Lamps and Industrial Limit Switches to cater diversified requirements of customers. Indicator Lights are panel mounted lamp assemblies consisting of the indicator housing, an internal lamp, terminals and a lens.

These are used in many applications like industrial control panels of all types, equipment indicator panels, status indicators, display lighting, amusement equipment, telephone equipment and many more. Indicator Lights can be panel mounted in holes ranging in diameter from .177" up to 1.0". These Indicators are available in a variety of terminal styles as well as sizes, lens shapes, colors, voltages and brightness levels. There are three basic light sources used in indicator light assemblies, which are incandescent, neon and LED.

Standard: - ABS Color Body

Economic: - ABS White Body

Classic: - 9 LED Indicator

Colours: - Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White & Amber

Limit Switches: Mechanical Limit Switches distributed and supplied by our company have placed an unprecedented demand in the competitive market. A Mechanical Limit Switch interlocks a mechanical motion or position with an electrical circuit. A perfect starting point for limit-switch selection is contact arrangement and the most common limit switch is the single-pole contact block with one NO and one NC set of contacts; however, limit switches are available with up to four poles. These Linear Limit Switches are also available with time-delayed contact transfer, which is useful in detecting jams that cause the limit switch to remain actuated beyond a predetermined time interval.

Other Industrial Limit Switch contact arrangements include neutral-position and two-step. Limit switches feature a neutral-position or center-off type transfers one set of contacts with movement of the lever in one direction. Its lever movement in the opposite direction transfers the other set of contacts. Limit switches with a two-step arrangement, a small movement of the lever transfers one set of contacts and further lever movement in the same direction transfers the other set of contacts. Maintained-contact limit switches require a second definite reset motion and these Rotary Limit Switches are primarily used with reciprocating actuators or where position memory or manual reset is required. Spring-return limit switches automatically reset when actuating force is removed.

Voltages in AC/DC
48 V DC – Pilot Light –WHITE 2PLBR1L 48DC
63.5 V AC – Pilot Light – GREEN 2PLBR3L 63.5AC
230 V AC – Lum. Act. mom.YELLOW 2ALFR8L 230AC
220 V DC – Sel.act.2pos 2ASLR4L-2P-220DC
24V – Pilot Light – RED 2PLB4LB 24
48 V – Pilot Light – GREEN 2PLB3LB 48
110 V – Lum.act.mom.AMBER 2ALF5LB 110
220 V – Sel.act.3pos.GREEN 2ASL3LB-3P 220

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